Food Donations

Thank you for considering making a donation to Martha's Table's Food Programs. 

We accept donations seven days a week from 10-4 pm. 

For all Food Donation related questions, please contact the food program at Turn on JavaScript! or 202-328-6608 x 235

A notice to everyone donating peanut butter sandwiches, there has been a peanut butter recall for Sunland peanut butter products.  Please do not use peanut butter manufactured stamped with "Best if used by" October, 12 2012 to April, 12th 2013.  The list starts on page 3 of this PDF link

There are many ways you can help

Fresh Food Donation Guidelines - guidelines for collection, transfer and dop-off

Food Wish List - emergency food services, pantry items

If you are interested in donating prepared foods or would like to discuss a special project, please contact Demetrios Recachinas, Assistant Director of Food Programs at Turn on JavaScript! or 202-328-6608, ext. 214, to find out our current needs.

Please DO NOT donate:

Peanut Butter, soft drinks, candy, junk food

Get inspired - find out how one donor turned Halloween into a food drive, "Trick or Eat"